About Us

Freedom of the press and humanity is the core of the New Era (Epoch Times); our beginnings were born from the critical need to post unfiltered news to those propaganda and filtering in China.

After witnessing events like the Tiananmen Square and the suppression of Falun Gong spiritual group, a group of Chinese Americans began to publish Epoch Times in Chinese in the United States despite their high-risk behavior and threatened the safety of themselves and their families. Some journalists in China have been jailed and some have been tortured.

Integrity and honesty in reporting news with significant stories are the foundation of the New Age.

The first English edition of the Epoch Times was launched online in 2003 followed by a print edition in 2004. Our starting point has grown an unwavering commitment among Epoch Times employees towards objective journalism and responsible business practices in addition to respect for human rights and freedom.

New Era began being published in Malaysia in October 10, 2016.

Our mission

New Era is a free voice in print and online media. We report responsible and honest news so that readers can improve the quality of their lives as well as enhance their understanding and respect for neighboring neighbors and around the world. Our approach and content uphold the universal values, rights and freedoms of mankind. We are a business that prioritizes the reader’s interest in everything that is done.

Who We Are

http://www.erabaru.com.my is published by Epoch Times (M) Sdn. Bhd. It is a member of the Epoch Media Group, whose local network of journalists around the world reveals local stories that are not only authentic but also relevant globally, but is owned and operated in Malaysia. Our independence allows us to broadly report the news and present various opinions.